How to Backup Your Computer

I am sure you have heard about backing up your computer. You may have wondered why need online backup and how to create a backup of your computer files. Backing up your computer saves all of your data and allows you to restore the state of your machine to a specific date should anything happen to your system. This gives you peace of mind because you know that no matter what happens, your computer and all the information saved on it will be available. Backing up your files in order to prevent digital disaster couldn't be easier, too.

Remember that it is extremely important to back up often so that the most current version of your files is on hand. If you only back up your computer once a month, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to an accident. Stronghold has a built in scheduler that will backup your files automatically on a predetermined schedule. You can set this to run at a specific time or use the default settings.

How to Backup a Computer Using Stronghold

Baking up a computer with Stronghold couldn't be easier. The software has a quick setup wizard that will walk you through the steps of setting up your first backup as well as the recurring backups that will run automatically at times you define. Just follow the simple steps within our Stronghold setup wizard and you'll be protected in no time.

Step 1 - Create an Account

The first thing you have to do is to create an account using an email and password, if you don't already have one. Choose one the Stronghold storage plans and create your account. Don't worry, you can always upgrade to a larger plan if you are running out of space.

Step 2 - Download Stronghold

In order to securely encrypt and store the files on your computer you'll need to download the Stronghold software. Once you're setup this software will work hard to find, encrypt, and send your files to our secure servers.

Step 3 - Install & Run Stronghold

Once the Stronghold software is saved to your computer you'll need to double click the file to install and run it. Follow the setup wizard to ensure the software is properly installed so Stronghold can get to work.

Step 4 - Setup, Customize, Schedule Your Backups

The next step is to login to Stronghold using your email and password. Once inside it is extremely easy to setup your backup process. You can use the default settings or customize the backup schedule to run whenever you'd like and select specific files. Want it to run at 10 PM once a week on Monday? No problem! You'd prefer that it runs at 2:12 AM every day? No problem! You're in control. During this setup process you can also select the specific files and folders that want includes, or excluded, from the automatic backup process. Tell Stronghold exactly what you want backed up and when.

Step 5 - Let Stronghold Backup Run

Your first online backup may take a significant amount of time if you have a large amount of files on your computer. The speed of your Internet connection will also play a role in the speed of your online backup. You need to let the backup process run completely in order to ensure full protection of your files.

Step 6 - When Disaster Strikes, Restore Files with Confidence

Your toddler spills a drink on your laptop. A flood destroys your office. Your hard drive crashes. You lose your laptop on a business trip. Whatever the cause, the day has come and your data is now gone. The great part? You're completely protected because you were smart enough to backup your files with Stronghold! Simply login to your account and follow the wizard to restore your files to your local computer.