Laptop Theft: What You Need to Know

Having your laptop stolen is never any fun. Whether you use your laptop for work or recreation, you almost certainly store your personal information, document, photos, music, and more on that computer. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, your life could become a lot more difficult pretty quickly. Here are tips to help you avoid losing your precious data should your laptop get stolen.

Experts agree that it's best to prepare for the worst in case your laptop gets stolen. Assume that the thieves will attempt to access your personal information rather than just wiping the computer clean and selling it. Also, if you think you're safe because you have a system password to protect you from the thieves, guess again. Having a system password is about as secure as having a locked screen door to your home that could easily be slashed to gain entry. System passwords are easy to break into and thieves usually have no problem with them. Also, you're practically gift wrapping your financial information for the thieves if you store your passwords to your frequently visited sites, as most people do who shop online.

If the worst ever does happen, you're best off changing the passwords to your regularly visited sites as soon as possible. Those sites may include your e-mail, bank accounts, Facebook or other social media sites, as well as sites where you frequently make purchases. If you had sensitive financial information on your computer such as bank statements and tax records, be sure to contact your account providers immediately to alert them to the situation. Most credible institutions will put some sort of flag on your account to monitor for suspicious activity. If your providers don't do that, be sure to look for businesses that offer services such as credit monitoring.

What about all of the documents and media you had on your laptop? The average computer could have hundreds of photos, priceless videos, important work documents, or your financial paperwork. Your laptop is likely gone forever when it gets stolen. But your documents don't have to be.

Online Backup to the Rescue

Laptop theft is one of the many situations where online backup shines. Signing up for online backup with Stronghold and backing up your files to our secure servers in cloud will ensure you never, ever lose a fill again. As long as your automatic backup process is running in the background you can rest assured that your files are safely stored. Next time disaster strikes you can simply login to your Stronghold account and within a few clicks your digital documents will be restored.